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Pos-A-Seal Skirtboard
Skirting is the hardware used to seal the area between the conveyor cover and the conveyor belt.  Skirting that is not sealing properly allows material chunks, fines, and dust to escape and accumulate on the equipment and the floor.  DCI is successful in providing the customer with a skirting that solves the problem of containing material chunks, fines, and dust.

DCI's Pos-A-Seal Skirting requires no maintenance until the rubber is worn out and needs to be replaced.  Replacement of the rubber is simplified by using a pin system instead of a bolt/nut removal system.

The following features make DCI Pos-A-Seal Skirting a step ahead of the rest:  

Pos-A-Seal Skirtboard Features and Benefits:

  • Simple to install and will fit most applications.
  • Low replacement rubber cost.
  • Rubber is soft and pliable, allowing the skirting to seal with sags between idlers.
  • Rubber is available in lengths up to 200’
  • Rubber is self-adjusting and requires no maintenance.
  • Pos-A-Seal Skirtboard Brackets are available in mild or stainless steel.
  • Rubber provides long wear life.
Pos-A-Seal Skirtboard