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Pos-A-Glide Roller Bed
Pos-A-Glide roller beds are made of a mild steel or stainless steel frame with long lasting, rolls with low friction bearings. The Roller Bed collapses for easy installation and maintenance.

It is critical, at the load point, to maintain a tight fit between the wear liner and the conveyor belt to help contain the material inside the chute at impact. If there is a large space between the belt and the wear liner the material will work its way underneath the liner and rubber and result in major spillage at the transfer area.

Many systems are equipped with slider beds or saddles, which are designed to provide support for the belt at the impact point. As the slider bars or saddle begin to wear the gap between the wear liner and the belt increases, which results in material spillage. The slider beds and saddles also create more friction on the belt, which requires drives to work harder and use more amps.

DCI manufactures an impact roller bed, which provides the necessary support at the impact area and will also maintain a tight fit between the belt and the wear liner. The following features make the DCI Pos-A-Glide Roller Bed a sound investment:

Pos-A-Glide Roller Bed Features and Benefits:

  • The frames are custom manufactured to your system constructed of stainless or mild steel.
  • We use long lasting rubber disc impact rolls with low friction, sealed for life ball bearing construction. Impact rolls are available in 5, 6, and 7 with Cema C, D, or E ratings.
  • Roller Beds can be custom manufactured in length, typically 3, 4 or 5 lengths are suitable. Frames are manufactured for conveyor belt widths from 24 to 72.
  • Roller Beds are manufactured to accommodate 20, 35, and 45-degree troughing angles.
DCI Pos-A-Glide Roller Bed