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DCI Dust Plow
DCI Dust Plows bury the fine collected dust inside the materials on the conveyor belt.

The fine dust is returned to a point above the belt with a screw conveyor system and deposited down through the Dust Plow.

The fine dust is encapsulated inside the material stream to prevent the fine dust from becoming airborne again.

Dust Plows are custom fabricated in AR plate or stainless steel to fit existing conveyor covers and conveyor angles.

Cover can be supplied if none are currently present.

What are the Dust Plow advantages?

  • It reduces visible dust at the point of return.
  • It reduces dusting in subsequent conveyor galleries caused by “lift off”.
  • It reduces the recirculation of the returned dust into the dust collection system.
  • It saves several times its cost in one year from reduced cleanup and maintenance.
  • It is guaranteed or a full refund is provided.

The Dust Plow truly is Today’s Standard Method of Dust Return.

DCI Dust Plow